Rhythm in Photography


This is one of my favourite views in the East Grinstead, Sussex area. As you turn into Saint Hill Road on the way to Saint Hill Manor you see this view. It changes with the time of day and time of year. I love the curves of the hills as they add rhythm to the picture.

“Rhythm and its expression is the basic key to all art forms.”

L. Ron Hubbard

(From his book: ART


~ by sheilamacd on February 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Rhythm in Photography”

  1. You should explain what Rhythm means because like me trying to find the term are having more difficulty then ever!!!!!

  2. Hi Kristy! The American Heritage Definition of rhythm might help. It says: A regular or harmonious pattern created by lines, forms, and colors in painting sculpture and other visual arts. That includes photography. I liked the rhythmic pattern that the rolling hills made in my picture of Sussex. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more data.


  3. really good and beautiful picture your good ! 🙂

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