Visit to An Taobh Tuath (Northton), Harris

During my last trip to Scotland, I stayed in Leverburgh for a few days and took a trip to Northton village, An Taobh Tuath in the Gaidhlig. I walked along the coast, had four beaches to myself and went as far as an old ruin called An Teampall, said to be an old chapel that doubled as a lookout against raiders in the old days. My camera was busy – a beautiful day! I’ve used some stills and the videos from my wee digital camera to make a video.


~ by sheilamacd on February 20, 2007.

One Response to “Visit to An Taobh Tuath (Northton), Harris”

  1. My father ccame from here, and I have a sister Shiela Macdonald.We played near the Teampull during our holidays. Lovely to hear an island accent with Mairi’s Wedding. The John Macdonald who opened the Seallam Centre was my Uncle John. The Temple is typical of the Columban chapels seen around the west. Woke up some wonderful memories. I have some stories if you are interested.

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