Star Wars X-wing on Hollywood Boulevard

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The premiere of the new Star Wars Rogue One movie happened just below my window on Hollywood Boulevard so got some shots of the rebel X-wing fighter and the Imperial Storm Troopers on the boulevard. (Shot with 50 mm prime lens at 3200 ISO and F/5.6 from 12 stories up.)


Beautiful Rhythm at Disney Concert Hall

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Disney Concert Hall - rhythm, lights and shadows

Rhythm, light and shadows

Disney Concert Hall Entryway

Disney Concert Hall entryway

Wee blossom tree outside Disney Concert Hall

Wee blossom tree outside Disney Concert Hall


I visited the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. What a wealth of lines, lights and shadows and wonderful rhythm. These are just a couple of the shots I took.

Carnival – the Cotton Candy Lady

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Carnival - the Cotton Candy Lady

This Cotton Candy stall caught my eye as people lined up to buy.

Carnival in Hollywood

•February 6, 2014 • 1 Comment

Carnival in Hollywood

I saw the carnival on my way home and found this shot of people waiting for the Chair-0-plane ride to start.

Tattoo Girl

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Tattoo girl at Coffee Bean Hollywood BlvdI saw this girl with her tattoo at the Coffee Bean on Hollywood Blvd.

She agreed to let me take a shot of her and her tattoo – and her smile!

People you see – two folk at a bus stop

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People you see - two folk at a bus stop

I met these two people at the bus stop and asked to take their photo. They agreed and here it is. Such a pretty girl!

People you see

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People you see

This biker caught my attention on the road to Flagstaff in Arizona – especially the Moose backpack and the very shiny motor bike!